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Emotional overspending is a common and preventable occurrence that happens when we suffer the loss of a loved one. The bereaved person spends excessive money on funeral and cemetery goods and services. This most commonly occurs when pre-planning, or the discussion of one’s funeral preferences, haven’t been addressed prior to death. The survivor is coping with emotional overload, grief, anger, and perhaps guilt. When in this confused and painful state, one should not have to make expensive and irreparable decisions. Thoughts such as “Nothing is too good for my loved one” and the euphoria that grief creates need to be tempered with reasonableness and consideration of what the deceased would have preferred.

Pre-planning one’s own funeral is the most prudent way to prevent emotional overspending and avoid placing unnecessary emotional burden on the survivors at a most difficult time in their lives. Pre-planning, selecting a reputable funeral home, and bringing a trusted family member or friend to the arrangement conference are the best ways to avoid emotional overspending.

To further discuss pre-arranging or any other questions you may have concerning funeral related matters, please call or visit us today.

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